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The Museum’s permanent display contains 8 collections:

Shipbuilding tools (There are 274 objects in this collection. All of them are tools shipbuilder uses for building the boat, from drawing lines and making construction to sawing, shaping or carving the wood. Some of the exhibits in this collection are planes, adzes, gimets, saws, wooden and iron nails, iron clamps ecc.)

Marine equipment (There are 15 objects in this collection and the dominating installation of lateen sail and mast in the central gallery. These exhibits are part of the equipment needed when the boat is sailing, or being driven by wooden oars.)


Agricultural tools (The boats used in the area of island Murter were adapted for the use of local people who were exclusively agricultural labourers and used simple tools for cultivating land. There are 12 of them in our permanent collection. The exhibits demonstrate what they did for living in the most active period of shipbuilding in Betina – 19th and 1st half of 20th century.)

Fishing gear (People from island Murter weren’t fishermen, they used to catch fish just for their own needs, while sailing or rowing on the way to their agricultural lands in nearby island and inland. There are 29 exhibits in this collection.)

Traditional clothing (This collection counts 17 items that were either donated or reconstructed by the tellings of townspeople of Betina and they represent the typical way of clothing for the purposes of agriculture during the 1st half of 20th century. There are traditional shoes in the museum, socks, petticoat, woollen dress and pants, sash, shirt, scarf, vest, cap…)

Traditional household inventory (There are 18 objects in this collection.and they are consisted of items that every household or shipyard used to have – traditional carpets, chest, chair, shipbuilders’ box where he keeps his basic tools etc.)

Collection of scale models (due to the reason of limited space there wasn’t a possibility of placing the boat in its natural size inside the walls of the museum. The solution was seen in a scale model collection which counts 5 types of boats most commonly built in Betina shipyards. Some of the scale models were built by the owners’ archive photographs and their technical requirements written in the found Harbour Master’s Office’s documents while others were built by the standard measuring techniques in situ.)

Collection of archive photographs and source documents (A collection of archive photographs and source documents was growing along with the process of creating the permanent exhibition. The total of 24 photographs and 46 documents are part of the exhibition. The intention is for the locals to upgrade the content of this collection by uploading the new material in the Museum’s virtual data-base.)

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