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Evening of Traditional Crafts and Skills

The Evening of Traditional Crafts and Skills, which we organize together with KUD ZORA Betina and many of our volunteers, took place in a somewhat more modest edition due to the current epidemiological situation, but no less interesting than in previous years.
This year, we put the emphasis on the household skills – we washed clothes in a hot water and demonstrated washing clothes using the traditional wooden washboard – many of our visitors showed great skill in this discipline!

Thanx to our Martina Sladić who organized the move of the traditional kitchen armoir which greatly contributed to the authentic presentation of the traditional get together at the table.

The Evening of Old Crafts was also participated by Esma Šandrić with her playful collection of Bepa toys, OPG Šikić with organic cosmetics and homemade products based on Mediterranean herbs and olive oil, Teta Neda who delighted us with her cheerful protective masks and creative supplies for children and adults and OPG Marino Mijat, who demonstrated live the production of homemade soaps.
Traditional clothes were being dried on a rope, kindly lent to us by Jelena (Milena) Bilić and Milena Bokan. Fishing tools were brought by Andrija Bilic, Josipa Mihalec and Ljubica Burtina, and the kitchen equipment by Barbara Sladić Ex Bilić.
And, what an evening of tradition it would be without beautiful headscarves hanged across the street by Melita Pavić, songs lead by Vesna Brkić and Edita Stojiljković, traditional ropes being made by Marija Jakovčev Kosovka and help from our neighbor Stajka!

The photo gallery by Igor Turčinov

See you again next year!

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