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Guide to the Permanent Exhibition

A guide to the permanent exhibition of the Betina Wooden Shipbuilding Museum has been published!
The 148-page guide, enriched with photographs, provides a historical overview of the Betina shipbuilding industry from the eighteenth century to the present time, with a vivid insight into the process of designing the permanent exhibition, and conveys the most important messages of the permanent exhibition. The guide is taking you on a journey through the Museum – from the first ideas of an institution to inherit the knowledge of Betina shipbuilding back in the 1970s, through the founding of the Betinska gajeta 1740 association and the founding of the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding to this day.

Part of the Guide shows the secrets of the shipbuilding profession and skills, and is therefore particularly valuable because it brings technical knowledge. Readers can find information on Betina wooden shipbuilding, in an educational way recorded by interesting local stories. It is important for the every day work of the museum and completes the experience of visiting the Museum. The texts were written in such a way as to bring the setting closer to the visitor, but also to inform the reader of the period from the arrival of the first shipbuilder’s family to the island of Murter, describing the development of shipbuilding in the past centuries and wooden shipbuilding in the current time.

The story of the creation of the Museum is special because the Museum was created on the initiative of the local community, who still participate in the work of the Museum. The guide gives a brief insight into the complexity of the craft, and allows the visitor to learn more.

The guide is bilingual and, as such, addressed to the general public, accessible to foreign visitors and lovers of wooden shipbuilding.

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