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Project approved: Days of Small Wooden Shipbuilding

The results of the FLAG tender for the Action 1.1.1 have been published on the Lagur Galeb website “Promotion of local fisheries, aquaculture, gastronomy and maritime heritage” from LRSR FLAG “Galeb” in the total amount of 1,977,242.71 HRK.


The project includes an exhibition of traditional ships, exhibition fair of manufacturers of equipment and various parts and services in traditional shipbuilding, expert lectures by Betina shipbuilders, presentations of traditional tools, workshops for children and adults on the topic of shipbuilding, sailing, environmental protection, sailing regattas and workshops at the shipyard. The program will be jointly developed with partners – the Betinska gajeta 1740 association and the Tourist Board of Betina. The program puts an emphasis on the promotion and sustainable use of maritime culture, the development of new social and cultural content related to the identity of the local area, but also providing new opportunities for actors of Croatian small wooden shipbuilding and related traditional crafts.

Besides the part of the program intended for the presentation of maritime heritage which will satisfy the lovers of maritime heritage and wooden shipbuilding the event will also be interesting to the visitors of the island Murter.

The implementation of the project will also have positive effect on the better presentation and valorization of cultural heritage – the art of building the well-known Betina gajeta, a greater awareness of the importance of preserving maritime heritage and the efficiency and availability of knowledge and skills needed to build a wooden ship.

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