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Exhibition: Ivan Volarević, Drvotvorine (Wood Crafts)

We’ve opened the exhibition Drvotvorine (Wood Crafts), by author Ivan Volarević. Ivan Volarević is a versatile artist, and his works are as useful as they are aesthetically appealing. Read a word or two about the author and the exhibition itself and pay us a visit at the museum! The exhibition will be on display until October 22nd.

About the author

Ivan Volarević was born in 1986 in Split, grew up and lived in Metković and on the island of Hvar, and recently lives in Zagreb. He completed his archeology and librarianship studies at the Universities of Zadar and Mostar, after which he worked in museums and libraries and schools. His professional interests are focused on various aspects of cultural heritage, mainly local Neretva, but also wider, primarily through presentation in exhibitions, workshops and popular-scientific works.
Since 2012, he’s been working in wood with his elder brother, a carpenter. Wood, as a natural and warm material, is used to make various useful and decorative items, which are mostly inspired by the Mediterranean environment, its cultural and natural heritage, Dalmatian landscapes, small towns, the sea and the marine world, but also contemporary art and design. He often works with recycled wood to which he gives a new function and life, and sometimes with local Mediterranean wood. He also makes replicas of historical objects, participates in events of the revived past, and ocasionally  paints murals and engages in photography.

About the exhibition

The exhibition presents works whose link and theme is the Mediterranean, Dalmatia and the sea, the environment that is part of the author’s identity and from which he originates, so that three colors dominate teh exhibition: blue – the color of the sea, sky, fish… orange – the color of the sunset, land, roofs and white – the color of the stone… Most of the exhibits are mirrors in wooden frames made mostly in collage technique and using pastel tones, clean shapes, representing views of Dalmatian places with densely packed houses, architectural details of those same places, the sea, fish…

Small chairs, or tripods, which were an important part of the furniture of former Dalmatian homes, are also on display, this time in a slightly more contemporary version, as well as fish and Dalmatian animals in the form of ambient lamps.

Different art installations will also be presented – mobiles and jewelry made of precious Dalmatian wood inspired by the living world of Dalmatia.

See you at the exhibition!

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