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Exhibition Opening: Look at the Sun


The opening of the exhibition “Look at the Sun” by artist Ivana Skroza will be held on Thursday, August 25, at 8:00 p.m. at the street in front of the museum.
Ivana Skroza was born in Šibenik where she also completed primary and secondary school. From 1992 to 1998, she lived in Milan, Italy, where she completed her education. After returning to Šibenik, she got a job as an art teacher at Murterski Škoji Elementary School in Murter and Vjekoslav Kaleb Elementary School in Tisno, where she still works. She participated in many art workshops for children. At the International Children’s Festival she was actively engaged in art workshops and also in the work of the Faust Association through projects related to puppetry. Since 2008, she has been a member of the art association Group 9 from Šibenik. Since 2018 she is an active member of More Art Association and participates in numerous projects and exhibitions of the association. She acquired basic competencies in the field of graphic design in 2020.

This is her first solo exhibition, although she has been painting and drawing for over 30 years. Ivana Skroza dedicated herself to her work as an art teacher, leaving little time for something that is exclusively hers.

The artistic expression and works of Ivana Skroza are unique and authentic. Her works seem dreamy, they make you think and see the world outside the picture. She uses summer colors with pleasant, round and complete lines.

The exhibition itself is a combination of drawings and digital image processing. The final image was obtained by collage. The author uses the sun as a motif for her own personal reasons – she sees the sun as an eternal source of light and optimism. The sun, along with summer and the sea, is the trademark of Dalmatia. In her paintings, she tries to show it as inaccessible, untamable and uncapturable. On the other hand, she also feels it as a friend who, when she looks at it, clears her own view of the external and personal inner world, at the same time illuminating the spaces in her soul in anticipation of the ever-new summer.
We are really looking forward to this exhibition. You are all invited!

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