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Exhibition: Moreplovka (Seafarer)

The sea is sometimes of good character, and sometimes bad, and it’s impossible to understand why. After all, we only see his surface. But if you like the sea, it doesn’t matter. Then you accept both good and bad.

Tove Jansson, „Moomin and the sea“


About the exhibition

With “Moreplovka“ exhibition in the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, Marina Ćorić wants to show her strong connection to the sea, and how much we actually owe it. Her work provides a parallel with a man from the sea, or even better – a sea woman.

On a personal level, Marina always had great love and fascination with the sea, and she claims that her parents were not wrong when they named her Marina.

At a symbolic level, through the analysis of her works, it can also be said about going into the unknown and exploring the unknown, despite fear of the same unknown. In her art, Marina Ćorić faces fears and dark situations in life, but also in our mind. Her art is sometimes inspired by her dreams, and the techniques used by ĆoriĆ are acrylic on paper and collage.
The sea is daunting at the same time in its size and in its depths, but it is also magnetically attractive, hypnotic, fascinating… And if we dare dive deep enough we will discover great wealth, beauty, a new and uncharted world – both in a literal sense, but also metaphorically…

About the author

Marina Ćorić was born on March 29, 1987, in Zadar, where she finished elementary school and later high school for textiles, design and applied art. She graduated as a Master of Arts Program in Painting in 2017 at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Mostar. Currently, she works as a teacher of Fine Arts in elementary school, and is actively engaged in art through various media. She is particularly focused on painting, photography, and illustration.

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