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Exhibition: Moreplovka (Seafarer)

The sea is sometimes of good character, and sometimes bad, and it’s impossible to understand why. After all, we only see his surface. But if you like the sea, it doesn’t matter. Then you accept both good and bad. Tove Jansson, „Moomin and the sea“   About the exhibition With “Moreplovka“ exhibition in the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, Marina Ćorić wants to show her strong connection to the sea, and how much we actually owe it. Her work provides a parallel with a man from the sea, or even better – a sea woman. On a personal level, Marina always had great love and fascination with the sea, and she claims that her parents were not wrong when they named her Marina. At a…

The Best in Heritage Conference

This week we proudly participated in the 18th annual The Best in Heritage conference, which took place from 25 to 27 September in Dubrovnik. The Best in Heritage project from the very beginning enjoys high patronage from the International Council of Museums (ICOM), and since 2009 the conference has been organized in partnership with the leading European heritage organization – Europa Nostra. The Dubrovnik Museums is a local partner of the conference, while its sponsors are the City of Dubrovnik and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. The Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, as last year’s winner of the European Museum Forum’s Silletto Award, has been honored to present itself among other laureates and winners from various fields of protection and preservation of…

Workshop: the making of “ogrica” – a traditional decoration

On Friday the 02nd, as part of our educational and creative program, a workshop will be held where we’ll learn how to make one specific and recognizable, traditional decoration of folk costumes typical for some villages in Šibenik region –  Ogrica. Older women from the village say they were worn by their grandmothers too. Ogrica can be made by placing pearls directly onto the fabric which is prepared before this phase and then you create a motif – mostly floral or geometrical. There is also a method when you first crochet the surface with a simple pattern on which you’ll insert your pearls, or, with knitting needles where after the first row is knitted, the second you start by inserting pearls with other needles, and…


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Palm Sunday in Betina

Palm Sunday, or locally, Cvitnica, is a custom where Christians throughout the world are celebrating Jesus’s coming to Jerusalem. It’s celebrated on the last Sunday before Easter and the Holy Week. Townspeople from Betina are celebrating it too. Before the Sunday it’s important to cutt down the right olive branches so they can be decorated as a palm. It’s never easy to select the proper branches between different types of olives in the groves. There is a local type of olive – duška, with long leaves easy to knit in palms. There are two different palms that can be made in Betina – a male one and a female palm. A male palm is made out of a single branch, while the female palm is more…

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