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Make Your Own Boat

Dear sea and ship enthusiasts, we have exciting news for all little shipbuilders and sailors! Introducing our latest product – the educational map “Build Your Own Ship”!

The educational map contains parts for assembling a ship model that will take you on an unforgettable journey with our original model of a Betina boat equipped with a lateen sail and oars! The ship model is crafted according to the original plans of well-known Betina craftsmen, enriched graphically with attention to detail, providing you with the opportunity to experience the charm of traditional shipbuilding in the comfort of your home.

Assembling this model is fun and easy, perfect for children aged 8 to 12 who love to explore and create.

What makes this model special?

Authentic Design:
This cardboard boat faithfully reproduces the traditional type of Betina boat, equipped with a lateen sail and oars.

Educational Experience:
Assembling the cardboard model promotes the development of motor skills and spatial awareness in children, while simultaneously teaching them about maritime culture and ecological awareness.

Creative Entertainment:
After assembly, children can further decorate the boat according to their own wishes – for example, by painting the sail – thus encouraging imagination and creativity.

The characteristic design of lađa boats built in Betina shipyards is with a flat bottom and a wide wooden “mirror” at the stern – compared to other boats, the Betina lađa has a “mirror” slightly less wide than the width of the boat itself. The flat bottom curves towards the bow.

Some boats are made with a V-shaped bottom. The bow is flat and slanted forward. The length-to-width ratio is greater than 1:3, averaging about ten centimeters.

The boat is intended for navigation near the coast. The length of smaller boats ranges from 4 to 5 meters, while larger ones are between 5 to 7 meters long and are called “lađuni“. Due to its flat bottom, the boat navigates shallow waters successfully.

In the past, men used the boat for fishing, while women collected shells or picked grass for domestic animals on nearby islets. Sometimes it was also used for fishing.

Today, this type of boat is mostly used for recreation during the summer months because it is lightweight and easy maneuverable.

Once upon a time, children learned rowing and sailing in these boats.

Today, during the summer months, children sail in boats and participate in traditional sailing and rowing regattas.


This is the perfect gift for all little sailors who dream of sailing the open seas or simply enjoy exploring the world around them.

Embark with us on a journey into the world of maritime adventures and reserve your copy of the educational map “Make Your Own Boat”!

Available also here.

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