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Modrave – in the Footsteps of Labourers

On Sunday, June 25th, at 8:00 PM, we will open our exhibition “Modrave – In the Footsteps of Labourers”. The exhibition is ethnographic and tells the story of the everyday life of former labourers on their closest overseas property – Modrave, the largest olive grove in the broader area of the island of Murter. The Modrave area is dominated by a network of dry stone walls, piles of cleared stones, and small stone houses called “bunje” which were of immense importance to the local population during harsh weather conditions while working in the fields. The people who shaped the karst landscape for centuries and gradually transformed it into a useful agricultural area gave the greatest significance to this rocky terrain.

The exhibition is divided into several thematic sections that provide a closer view of the geographical and historical context and the way this area was formed as a remote agricultural property of the residents of Betina and Murter, land clearance and dry stone construction, the hard labour of the workers, soil cultivation and agriculture, as well as traditional labourer’s food and clothing worn in the fields. Using quotes from conversations with our islanders, we describe what a typical day on Modrave looked like in the mid-20th century, how people traveled to Modrave, what kind of food was commonly brought, and what clothing was worn for fieldwork. Through examples from the lives of former Modrave laborers, we depict the former labourer’s life.

The exhibition will also present traditional costumes and tools, folk songs, and customs. Visit us on Sunday at 8:00 PM at the Museum of Betina Wooden Shipbuilding!

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