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The making of Betina gajeta scale model

The main goal of this workshop is to initiate interest in modelling, handcraft and shipbuilding. By making, forming their shape and then fining of all the small parts for our scale model children have learneda lot about the main components of the boat. By doing so, there’s also a lot to be learnt on how to handle tools and how to form a fine shape.


Central motive of the workshop is a small scale model of a Betina gajeta which is also one of the most distinctive souvenirs in our souvenirshop. It represents the Museum but also the entire village because of its significance for its shipbuilding heritage.


In accordance with local souvenir makers we prepared a wide number of tools and other utensils to help us with modelling and shaping of the wood. Girls and boys from the elementary school divided themselves into two working groups with the idea of making 2 boats. Leader of the workshop told them how the job would easily be done by dividing it into phases. He introduced them with the tools and the proper way of using them.

First phase was to fine shape the wood on the hull and the keel in order to get them linked together. After that pieces were connected with the wood glue and put on drying. The other phase was to cut and saw all other small components of the boat. They used saws of various sizes, files, rasps and a paper for wood shaping. With a touch of wood filler children fixed little imperfections on the connections between hull and the keel and the boats were again put drying.

There are still a lot of tiny parts to be made for the next meeting. The children have already learnt a lot and we look forward to see the final result of the workshop.

The idea also is to promote authentic, original souvenirs and handcrafting. These are the souvenirs that require awhole lot of manual work, care and love for each created item, also related to local culture and heritage which makes them souvenirs of high value for the identity of our Museum.

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