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Life of a gajeta

Gajeta 5.90 m long and 2.12 m wide was built by Šime and Ljube Filipi in Sukošan for the client Bepa from Kaprije in 1968. The construction of the gajeta is confirmed by the original record from their order book in which the dimensions of the future boat are specified, and the half-model according to which Šime and Ljube made the boat is also preserved.

Gajeta changed several owners and several names also, and spent the longest time in the Radovčić family from Kaprije. Actually Vera Radovčić took care of the boat, she drove it, fished with the gajeta, while her husband Ante was a sailor.

In 2013, she was sold to Mateo Pirjak in Jezera, on the island of Murter. He was obliged to take good care of the boat, get the water out of her regularly and once a month to photograph the gajeta and send them a picture. Mateo named the gajeta Baba Cvita (by his grandmother’s name) and sailed and participated with her at many regattas. He sold the gajeta  to Lucijano Kapov in Betina in 2016, who then named her Baba Celina, after his grandmother.

After a year, Mateo Pirjak returned her back to Jezera, and then the next owner was Viktor Lapov Padovan, also from Jezera, who bought her mainly for the purpose of sailing in regattas and traditional rowing. Viktor painted the gajeta in black and named her Baba Luce, after his grandmother.

In 2021, the current owners, Joso and Lubo Zrilić, owners of the Filipi Shipyard, as well as the grandchildren of the builders of the gajeta Šime and Ljube, came to the gajeta quite by chance.

The Zrilić brothers, were looking through advertisements for the gajeta they’d like to own and, if possible, to have been built in Sukošan by their ancestors. They came across the Baba Luce. The data from the Register of Vessels, which records Sukošan as the construction site in 1968, pushed them to contact Viktor. At the same time, they combed through the family archive and found a record of the construction and a half-model of her, too. Gajeta was soon bought and renovated. They named her Klementina, after their grandmother, who, according to family tradition, participated equally in the management of the shipyard and finances, and who, they say, was actually in charge of the entire business.

Today, Gajeta Klementina sails long in Latin sail regattas and participates in various maritime heritage events.

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