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Life of a gajeta

Gajeta 5.90 m long and 2.12 m wide was built by Šime and Ljube Filipi in Sukošan for the client Bepa from Kaprije in 1968. The construction of the gajeta is confirmed by the original record from their order book in which the dimensions of the future boat are specified, and the half-model according to which Šime and Ljube made the boat is also preserved. Gajeta changed several owners and several names also, and spent the longest time in the Radovčić family from Kaprije. Actually Vera Radovčić took care of the boat, she drove it, fished with the gajeta, while her husband Ante was a sailor. In 2013, she was sold to Mateo Pirjak in Jezera, on the island of Murter. He was obliged to…


Argan is a wooden winch used for hauling boats out of the water for repairs. It is crafted from oak wood. At least five people are needed to start an argan, and the number of people needed to operate it depends on the size and weight of the boat. The two beams laid through the groove at the top are called arms and they are used for starting the device. The longer the beams, the larger the lever. When a boat is to be hauled out of the water, first a single unjulo rope is prepared, which is attached to the tracks under the boat. The tracks have two saddles to receive the boat, and an iron axle (ašpa) is placed over them, with an…

Croatian Tourism Month

Visiting or somewhere near Murter island these days? In October don’t miss your visit to Betina Wooden Shipbuilding Museum! As part of the Croatian Tourism Month Campaign launched by the Croatian National Tourism Board and Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sport in order to extend tourist season you will discover the hidden charms of wooden boats and learn more about the present and the past of Murter island and traditional wooden shipbuilding. Find us located in the authentic ambience of a centuries-old stone house, in the heart of the Betina historic core, and in the closest vicinity to our unique floating museum in town’s harbour. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 and Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00. Visit us in October…

Exhibition: Moreplovka (Seafarer)

The sea is sometimes of good character, and sometimes bad, and it’s impossible to understand why. After all, we only see his surface. But if you like the sea, it doesn’t matter. Then you accept both good and bad. Tove Jansson, „Moomin and the sea“   About the exhibition With “Moreplovka“ exhibition in the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, Marina Ćorić wants to show her strong connection to the sea, and how much we actually owe it. Her work provides a parallel with a man from the sea, or even better – a sea woman. On a personal level, Marina always had great love and fascination with the sea, and she claims that her parents were not wrong when they named her Marina. At a…

Take a guided tour of the museum, Betina old town and the open-air museum

Take a guided tour of our museum, Betina old town and Open Air Museum with our expert guidance included under special price of 20,00 kn during July and August! You can sign up at the museum’s reception, in the Betina Tourist Board or via our e-mail: muzej@mbdb.hr The number of participants is limited! We start every Monday from the museum’s reception at 7,30 p.m.!  

Visit us!

Visiting  Murter island? Do not miss to visit our museum! Discover the magic of wooden boats and learn more about the past of the island of Murter in the authentic environment of the centuries – old stone house. The museum is located in the heart of Betina, and in the close vicinity is a unique floating museum. Opening hours ​Monday – Saturday, 9.00-12.00 a.m. and 5.00 – 8.00 p.m.

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