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Maritime Heritage of Preko

On Sunday, July 2nd, we opened the exhibition “Maritime Heritage of Preko” in Preko on the island of Ugljan. The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Preko, the Municipality of Preko, and the Public Open University “Dom na žalu”. The exhibition provides insight into the historical, geographical, and social circumstances that made Preko a starting point for numerous generations of labourers who would daily depart for their overseas estates. The Preko estate was extensive, and proportionally, so was the fleet in the Preko harbour. Gajetas, leuti, and kaići were indispensable means of transportation. The Preko residents would use boats daily to reach their fields. They would only use them for fishing incidentally, with the catch being used for their own sustenance….

Modrave – in the Footsteps of Labourers

On Sunday, June 25th, at 8:00 PM, we will open our exhibition “Modrave – In the Footsteps of Labourers”. The exhibition is ethnographic and tells the story of the everyday life of former labourers on their closest overseas property – Modrave, the largest olive grove in the broader area of the island of Murter. The Modrave area is dominated by a network of dry stone walls, piles of cleared stones, and small stone houses called “bunje” which were of immense importance to the local population during harsh weather conditions while working in the fields. The people who shaped the karst landscape for centuries and gradually transformed it into a useful agricultural area gave the greatest significance to this rocky terrain. The exhibition is divided into…

The Little Shipbuilder

The story about a little shipbuilder was written by Sandra Barešin, and illustrated by Duška Radečić Petrić. It’s a story about a little boy named Paško, who dreams of becoming a shipbuilder and building his own boat more than anything else in the world. We organized the promotion of the picture book at the Presentation Center Betina, in collaboration with the kindergartens from Betina and Murter, who visited us at the party in honor of our Paško! There were sweets and cheerful music, and all the children knew the answers to the questions – it seems they have already become friends with Paško! The picture book adorns our museum souvenir shop, and you can get it to delight your little ones too!

New exhibition: Impressions by Neven Zoričić

We open a new exhibition in our museum! After his presentation at the Juraj Šižgorić City Library in Šibenik, Neven Zoričić, the artist, painter and architect, presents his work here at the Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding in Betina. This time, using oil pastel and tempera techniques and motifs related to Betina and the island of Murter. The name of the exhibition is “Impressions”. His first love was portrait. Nevertheless, at the Impressions exhibition he will present his work inspired by typical local motifs – ships and shipyards. The power of art in building the artist’s work is visible in the exhibited compositions. The constant balance between the artist and the observed keeps us close to Betina’s motifs. Nature is much more than just the space…

Exhibition: MU 52 by Darko Škevin

On the Night of the Museums, we’ll host a special exhibition of a very special author in our museum. The exhibition “MU 52” is Darko Škevin’s first solo exhibition. The name of the exhibition itself is very associative and to those familiar with Betina shipbuilding it automatically refers to Šime Jušić’s boat, once at berth in the port of Betina. Gajeta MU 52 is also known as Jušinica, and its owner sailed the traditional Latinsko Idro regattas until the end of the second decade of the 2000s. The exhibition is seen as a retrospective, with a presentation of the author’s works from different periods of his life. The earlier works, models of the Betina gajeta, were of larger dimensions, while the later works are smaller,…

Exhibition: Ivan Volarević, Drvotvorine (Wood Crafts)

We’ve opened the exhibition Drvotvorine (Wood Crafts), by author Ivan Volarević. Ivan Volarević is a versatile artist, and his works are as useful as they are aesthetically appealing. Read a word or two about the author and the exhibition itself and pay us a visit at the museum! The exhibition will be on display until October 22nd. About the author Ivan Volarević was born in 1986 in Split, grew up and lived in Metković and on the island of Hvar, and recently lives in Zagreb. He completed his archeology and librarianship studies at the Universities of Zadar and Mostar, after which he worked in museums and libraries and schools. His professional interests are focused on various aspects of cultural heritage, mainly local Neretva, but also…

Exhibition Opening: Look at the Sun

  The opening of the exhibition “Look at the Sun” by artist Ivana Skroza will be held on Thursday, August 25, at 8:00 p.m. at the street in front of the museum. Ivana Skroza was born in Šibenik where she also completed primary and secondary school. From 1992 to 1998, she lived in Milan, Italy, where she completed her education. After returning to Šibenik, she got a job as an art teacher at Murterski Škoji Elementary School in Murter and Vjekoslav Kaleb Elementary School in Tisno, where she still works. She participated in many art workshops for children. At the International Children’s Festival she was actively engaged in art workshops and also in the work of the Faust Association through projects related to puppetry. Since…

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