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Project: The development of socio-cultural infrastructure and open-air museum

The management board of LAGUR / FLAG GALEB has selected our project “The Development of Socio-Cultural Infrastructure and Open-Air Museum of the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding “, which we applied for in partnership with the Tourist Board of Betina, with a total amount of HRK 496,822.08. Realization of the entire project of the Betina Museum of  Wooden Shipbuilding – the outdoor exhibition in the first phase, and a representative floating exhibition of wooden boats through the open-air museum in the second with the interpretation of the historic Betina core and the church of St. Francis, makes it a unique project in the Republic of Croatia. The open-air museum and the old town of Betina are a unique and inseparable area that find a common link…

Project approved: Days of Small Wooden Shipbuilding

The results of the FLAG tender for the Action 1.1.1 have been published on the Lagur Galeb website “Promotion of local fisheries, aquaculture, gastronomy and maritime heritage” from LRSR FLAG “Galeb” in the total amount of 1,977,242.71 HRK. https://www.lagur-galeb.hr/novosti/objava-rezultata-odabira-projekata-za-mjeru-1-1-1-promocija-lokalnog-ribarstva-akvakulture-gastronomije-i-maritimne-bastine/ The project includes an exhibition of traditional ships, exhibition fair of manufacturers of equipment and various parts and services in traditional shipbuilding, expert lectures by Betina shipbuilders, presentations of traditional tools, workshops for children and adults on the topic of shipbuilding, sailing, environmental protection, sailing regattas and workshops at the shipyard. The program will be jointly developed with partners – the Betinska gajeta 1740 association and the Tourist Board of Betina. The program puts an emphasis on the promotion and sustainable use of maritime culture, the development of new social…

New museum publication: Boje baštine (The Colours of Heritage)

Our new museum publication “The Colours of Heritage” presents folk costumes worn in the past times in Betina, on our island Murter. Folk costume is a precious treasure of the local community. The way of decorating traditional clothing was passed down from generation to generation. The map contains educational materials and coloring sheets, and is intended for children and adults.

Christmas lights at the open-air museum

We turned on the lights in our open-air museum! We hope to brighten up these strange and difficult days and encourage our friends and locals to go out for a walk and enjoy the little things surrounded by beautiful Christmas atmosphere. The view of the Christmas lights on our wooden boats and the decorated main square has a positive effect on the spirit, and in this strange time we all need it. We thank all our volunteers, especially Edo and Ognjen Jakovčev, who did the technical part, the Tourist Board of Betina, the Municipality of Tisno, Elektro Lukin and the Flower Studio Cvita who took part in decorating the boats and the square. Enjoy the atmosphere!

The Story of Sandokan

In the last days of summer, we got a visit from Marino and Biserka Ivančić, the first owners of the Sandokan leut. They brought photos of his launch back in 1978. With lot of memories they talk about the agreement on the construction of the ship, the ideas they thought of when arranging the buy and the master who built it. The ship had a reputation. When they sailed with her on the Adriatic, everyone looked and admired her, they say. Sandokan, a leut 8.53 m long and 2.90 m in width, was made by the late Šime Jušić, a shipbuilder from Betina. They say they wanted a traditional leut as they saw it in Betina and Murter, but modernized and slightly different. Šime was…

Launch of the Leut “Kvarneriol”

Saturday, 12th of September In the shipyard Marin owned by the shipbuilder Ante Fržop, a boat type leut named Kvarneriol, 8 meters long and 3 meters wide, was launched. She has a 12-meter-long lantina (yard) and a 57 HP engine, registered for the transport of 12 people, equipped with a 150l oil tank and a 150l water tank, a toilet with a sink and a cooking area. Kvarneriol is made for several days of sailing and a longer stay at sea. The design is like one of our traditional boats – turned into a yacht, but still traditional because she can be paddled on two oars if there’s a need to. One oar on the bow, another oar on the stern. And you can also…

Betina Film Festival 2020.

The opening of this year’s Betina Film Festival is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 1, and it goes until Saturday, Sept 5. Visitors will be able to watch short films at as many as four locations in 12 projection blocks all around Betina! Betina Film Festival (BAFF) is a five-day film festival of Croatian and International film being held for the third time in Betina. The festival is focused on promoting Croatian cinematography, presentation of International selection of short films, education and film art research. The competition program, divided into international and domestic category, shows original, diverse and quality films by Croatian, foreign and, since 2019, Croatian young authors. The festival consists of BAFF Domaćica and BAFF International – live screenings and short film competitions of…

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