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INFORMATION TO VISITORS In order to comply with disease control restrictions implemented by World Health Organisation, relevant governmental and health authorities due to circumstances with the COVID-19 situation Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding will be closed for visitors in the next period. You can reach us via the following e-mail: muzej@mbdb.hr, and you can follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page⛵ #ostanidoma #stayathome  

Exhibition: The dowry – Belongings of an Imaginary Lady Inhabitant of the Island

Last night we opened the conceptual exhibition: The dowry – Belongings of an Imaginary Lady Inhabitant of the Island by the author Sanja Mrša Vukman. Belongings of the imaginary lady inhabitants of the island is the sum of objects of personal use that have a certain autobiographical line. The origins of this exhibition are inspired by the real touch of women who lived on the islands before the author and the world of wooden ships. The author is inspired by original experiences, purity of natural, local materials in her quest to understand the area. The author strives to build healthy, sustainable communities. The opening night of the exhibition went relaxing, and reached a large number of visitors who enjoyed the local flavors and aromas of…

Presentation of Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding’s Guide to the Permanent Exhibition

The presentation of the Guide to the Permanent Exhibition of the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding will be held on December 10, 2019 at 7.00 pm at the Visitors Center in Betina. The Guide will be presented by Jadran Kale, head of the authoring team of the museum concept of the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, and Kate Šikić Čubrić, editor of the Permanent Exhibition Guide. KUD Zora Betina will perform in the musical part of the evening. Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding was founded in response to long-standing aspirations of the inhabitants of Betina to preserve centuries of knowledge on traditional wooden shipbuilding, which greatly marked and shaped the town’s identity. Shipbuilding has been continuously evolving in Betina since the mid-18th century. The number…

Aventure Pluriel association visited Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding

Within the Erasmus project Marina 2 from 25 to 29th of November 25 members of the Aventure Pluriel association from France were on a study visit to Betina. Members of the association come from all over France. The association deals with the protection and preservation of maritime cultural heritage. Members of the association are engaged in various fields – from the organization of maritime festivals, underwater archeology, photography, linguistics, museology, several of them are professional shipbuilders (including two women), or they own wooden boats, some of them are skippers on wooden boats, and the link connecting them is love and enthusiasm for the wooden boats and maritime culture. At the Mediterranean Maritime Heritage Forum, organized by our Museum in Betina in June, a partnership between the…

Razgovori o baštini (Talks on Heritage)

Organized by the Museum of the City of Crikvenica, we participated in a series of public lectures on the protection of maritime heritage Razgovori o baštini (Talks on Heritage). The organizers wish to motivate public interest through expert lectures and launch an initiative to preserve the remaining maritime heritage in the area of the City of Crikvenica. As an example of good practice, the project of the Betina Museum of  Wooden Shipbuilding with a historical overview of the conservation of maritime heritage on the island of Murter from the first initiatives in the 20th century to present time, was presented by Kate Šikić Čubrić and Mirela Bilić. The lecture entitled “Preservation of Maritime Heritage on the Example of Betina and the Island of Murter”, was…

European Heritage Awards Ceremony / Europa Nostra Awards

We participated in the European Cultural Heritage Summit held in Paris from October 27 to 31, 2019. The summit is held under the high patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, president of the French Republic. The program was organized as a platform for networking and discussing the current challenges and development of Europe’s cultural heritage. The program was attended by more than 400 heritage professionals and volunteers from all across Europe. Most of them are members of Europa Nostra, the Alliance of European Heritage 3.3, partners in the fields of culture and economy and representatives from various European institutions and networks. The four-day summit welcomed also the Excellence Fair – presentation of the winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards, a visit to…

Intangible heritage a challenge for management and collection policy

We participated on the international conference: Intangible heritage a challenge for management and collection policy held in Zagreb, 17 – 20 October 2019. The conference is organised by ICOM SEE and Ethnographic Museum, Zagreb. The conference is organised to celebrate the 17th October as International Intangible Heritage Day since it was the day when in 2003 the UNESCO CONVENTION FOR THE SAFEGUARDING OF THE INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE was adopted in Paris. This conference will help members of ICOM to get the insight in endeavours to strength UNESCO and ICOM strategic goals connected to Intangible Cultural Heritage. The conference participants focused on challenges that are upon museum institutions in exhibiting intangible cultural heritage. The conference focused on management and collecting policy that refers to most sensitive type of…

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